How Are Masks Impacting Your Lash Retention?

Wearing a mask is critical in protecting yourself and others from Covid-19. However, it does impact lash retention - and not in a good way. When we wear a mask our breath tends to escape through the top, moving in an upwards direction towards the eyes.  Because our breath adds humidity and moisture, the lash bond is weakened not only at the time of application, but on a day to day basis. 
So, what can we do to help our lashes stay full? The key here is proper prep and post care!  
1) Always adjust the metal wire in the top of your mask to ensure it is flush to your face (this is proper PPE practice for Covid-19 prevention too!). This way the least amount of breath escapes through the top.

 2) CLEANSE your lashes! Not just before application but every day after! Clean lashes last longer, and now with retention issues brought on by mask wearing you can't skip this step. 

What is the best way to cleanse your lashes? MV Beauty Lab's Foaming Lash Cleanser, made specifically with extensions in mind. This rose water cleanser helps to cleanse natural oils, makeup and environmental build up from your lashes. 
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