How Coffee Affects Skin

I loveeeee coffee.☕️♥️☕️ But there are many skin related reasons to quit drinking it.

1. Beauty sleep is actually a thing! Your skin cell renewal rate is higher between 11pm-4am so sleeping helps you build collagen, destroy free radicals and heal up cell damage with the help of a good serum!

2. Coffee causes dehydrated/dry skin. Coffee Is a diuretic which stops you from retaining water. When ur comes to your skin, retaining water gives you smooth glowing skin rather than dry shriving skin

3. Coffee causes dull skin. Coffee puts your nervous system in a state of stress and artificial stimulation. That means the good, nourishing, oxygenated blood gets pumped to your heart and lungs first and less to your skin. When skin is not getting the nourishment it needs from your blood it looks drab and unhealthy!

4. Coffee is super acidic. Acidity messes with the hormones that control your skins oil production and sometimes causing unnecessary acne!

💕try giving up coffee for a month and see how your skin looks and feels💕

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