How to get control of your hacked instagram account!

Since I'm sure you're already super paniked about losing your account, I won't go into detail about how stressful and emotional this can be, but trust me I know! I couldn't find much help online, that's why I'm sharing this link to help you with what I figured out.

STEP 1: Get back into your account

Go through the “forgot password” steps and submit a Video Selfie to get a special backup code.

  1. On your phone, go to the instagram login, and click Forgot Password
  2. Click “need more help?” below “NEXT”
  3. Then “Request Support”
  4. Fill out the info and it will take you to create a video selfie. I sent mine  after I was crying etc and it still worked lol
  5. Now, wait until IG emails you a backup code the hacker can’t change!

    **Note: this is why it's important to have a couple photos of yourself on your business page also so Instagram can verify you own the account using the video selie. As a precaution I recommend adding one today if you don't normally post yourself!
STEP 2: How to gain access with the Video Selfie Backup Code
  1. Click Log into existing account on the app.
  2. Type your user name, click GET SUPPORT not NEXT or the hacker will be notified by SMS or email that you’re trying to get in. I did this and they were always waiting to kick me off. 
  3. Pick whatever option sends a notification to an email or phone number that is still yours.
  4. Usually the second verification asks for the Third Party Authenticator app code that the hacker added… so go below and click Try Another Way.
Then the next step choose BACKUP CODE and enter the special one Instagram sent you.

STEP 3: You're in but how do you keep the hackers out?

You need to do 2 things to kick out the hacker: A. Remove two-factor and third party authentication. And B. remove any Facebook accounts they linked.
  1. Sign in immediately on Desktop.
    Note: sometimes I would update the password and nothing would happen and then I would press it again and it would say I used this password already… So give it a second and try to sign in on DESKTOP

  2. Desktop: login with new password

    First thing you need to do is Revoke access of the 2 step authorization
  1. Click on profile at the top right
  2. Settings
  3. Privacy and Security
  4. Two-Factor Authentication
  5. When in here, remove everything that is not you and add your own including a 3rd party authenticator.

    Now remove any accounts attached to your IG that allows hackers to get in!

  6. Finlly go back to settings, at the very bottom it says “Account Centre” beside the new meta Facebook logo
  7. If the hacker added Facebook account revoke them!

I hope this helps you and that you're successful at getting your account back!

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