Lash Lift Appointment Confirmation

Please find the info on how to prepare for your appointment below! 

***Please keep in mind I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Cancelling with less than 24 hours notice will result in non-refundable cancellation charge of 100% of the cost of the appointment booked.***

MV Beauty Lab is located inside THE BEAUTY ROOM at 1059 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON, L9C 3A6

There is onsite parking in the front and more in the back if it is full.

Phone Number: 289-697-5003

Payment: I accept debit, credit and cash (no tax on cash)

Some tips to make the most of your lash appointment:

Please don't use oil products the day of your lash lift.

If possible, please come without mascara on as the chemicals in mascara stay on the lashes and can effect your lift. Avoiding mascara the day of will get the best results!


If you arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment please wait in your vehicle to continue social distancing etiquette. Check in with reception 5 minutes before your appointment to ensure you get the most of your lash time! 

Please wear a mask before entering the lash room. If you do not have one, please let us know and we will provide one for your service. This is for the safety of everyone in the spa.


 For the first 24 hours after your Lash Lift  please avoid the following : 
  • wetting or rubbing your eyelashes
  • applying cream to eyes
  • applying mascara
  • using a sauna or facial steamer
  • swimming
  • using a sunbed
  • avoid sleeping on your face as it can effect how the lift sets

· Your lash lift will last approximately 5-6 weeks. Your natural eyelash hair cycle discards about 4 natural lashes per day. This means there may be a point where your lift grows out and some of your lashes will be permed and others straight. When this begins to happen, you can either book a new lift where we can straighten out and re-curl your lashes, book a lift relax where we straighten everything out so you can have your lashes back to their natural state or you can let it grow out on its own time.

To care for your lashes, consider using the MV Beauty Lab Vegan Lash Elixir ($25) every morning to nourish your lashes with natural oils and help them grow long and strong between appointments.

· Prebook your next fill to ensure you always get the appointment you want!